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Best traditional dishes

La Thuile boasts a cuisine based on a passion for its local products, a profound respect for its culinary roots, and great creative flair. Hearty, traditional dishes are generally based on meat or game stew with polenta, but there are also more refined gastronomic treats awaiting the epicurious at several gourmet restaurants, which recreate the classics with artistry and invention.

To enjoy the traditional local cuisine, try dishes such as Boudin—cured meats with boiled potatoes accompanied by lardo, beetroot, herbs, spices, and wine; Motzetta—dried beef, mountain goat, venison or boar; or Soca, the traditional soup of La Thuile—a hot dish that will warm you through on cold winter days. Or why not try the characteristic nettle soup, perhaps followed by a wedge of Fontina DOP cheese accompanied by “campagnarde” potatoes with onions? Polenta lovers should not miss the delicious apple polenta, and Le régal du Petit Berger, makes a tasty breakfast or snack that is sure to please all.

What about the wine?

Thanks to its varying terrain and particular climate, a whole host of delicious wines are produced in the Aosta Valley, where grapes are grown at altitudes up 1,200 m! The Morgex vineyard is the highest in Europe. Try the white Vin Blanc de Morgex, La Salle and Petit Arvine, and the reds Petit Rouge, Fumin and Mayolet. The local fortified wine Chaudelune, produced in limited quantities, is also a delicious treat.

Sweet treats

There are lots of tasty options in the many cafés and pastry shops in and around La Thuile, especially La Tometta—350 grams of sweetness containing milk chocolate, praline and local hazelnuts (Piedmont IGP)—a cake that resembles the traditional alpine cheese; this local delicacy, produced by the Chocolat pastry and chocolate shop, even has a patent, and helped La Thuile win the title “City of Chocolate” in 2009. Not to be outdone, another local establishment, La Cremerie, produced the 1,441, a delicate chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse named in celebration of the altitude of La Thuile.

Also not to be missed are the delicious local chocolates, artisanal ice-creams, and fondue au chocolat —melted chocolate served with fresh fruit for dipping.


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